Bloch Demi Pointe Shoes


Size Guide

Demi pointe shoes are designed to build up strength in a dancers feet in preparation for pointe work. Shaped like a pointe shoe with satin upper, leather sole and padded cotton inner lining. These are a very similar fit to Bloch's Serenade pointe shoe. Ribbons are not included. 

NB: Demi pointe shoes need to be correctly sized & fitted to the individual dancer's foot. We do not recommend purchasing them without prior fitting.
Colour - Pink 
Widths - Narrow(B) Medium (C) Wide(D) 

RRP: €66.95 
Our Price: Sizes 1 - 5.5 UK : €38,99 and Sizes 6 - 8 UK : €49,99 (inc VAT)

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